About the book

The Battle for Europe, published by Pluto Press, brings into sharp focus the historical importance of the current political, economic and social turmoil in Europe. Thomas Fazi explains what has happened in Europe following the financial crash of 2008 as a classic case of economic shock doctrine – and the first instance in history where such “therapy” has been applied to an entire continent.

Fazi argues that the EU’s insistence on pursuing austerity – despite its failure as policy and the creation of human suffering – shouldn’t be viewed simply as a case of political and ideological short-sightedness, but as an attempt by the wealthy elite to do away with the last remnants of the welfare state and complete the neoliberal project.

As well as offering an urgent critique of the EU and monetary union as currently constituted, The Battle for Europe showcases a programme for progressive reform (drawing on the experience of a wide range of movements and popular left parties) and argues that the best hopes for the citizens and workers of Europe lie in a radical overhaul of these institutions – not in their rejection.

Thomas Fazi is an activist and award-winning documentary filmmaker. He co-directed Standing Army (2010), a feature-length documentary on US military bases which was sold in over 20 countries and selected at more than 30 international festivals. He has also translated into Italian the books of authors such as Christopher Hitchens, George Soros and Robert B. Reich.

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